“Very thorough, Paul. Compared to any home inspections I’ve been part of in the city, your passion and energy is night and day above anyone else I’ve met. Pleasure meeting you. Thanks again PAUL” – Shiran F.

“You did the inspection on our cottage 10 years ago and impressed me with your knowledge. I’m hoping you can assist me in my current situation” – Paul F.

“Thanks again Paul for everything, you are obviously very passionate about what you do and helped make Laura and I very comfortable with the purchase of this cottage. If you ever need to use us as a reference please don’t hesitate to contact us.” – Chris & Laura

“Your report is absolutely amazing! I definitely made the right choice! Thank you so much. As I mentioned on the phone, the time you spent doing the inspection was the most worthwhile few hours I have ever spent!” – Christine E.

“Just thought I would let you know that the two people who have read your report (insurance broker and a fellow cottage owner) were very impressed with the detail and quality of your report! My insurance agent said it was one of the most comprehensive reports he had ever seen. I was also impressed – thanks again.” – Andrew H.

“Thanks for being very thorough and informative and exact with our home inspection. You love your work!!!” – Paul & Julia

“Thank you so very much for a very comprehensive and accessible summary of your inspection. Love the clarity and format.” – Lisa O

“Can I just say that its really refreshing to work with someone who actually provided the level of customer service you do. I would never dream of recommending anyone else or having anyone else do this stuff for me.” – Stephen

“You are one of the finest Home Inspectors that I have met having been in the Real Estate business for over 18 years. I won’t forget your fine work and hope to use you in the future.” – Regards Kelly, Real Estate Agent

“Have just reviewed your Inspection Report emailed to me from my client and yours. I was amazed at the detailed information and clarity of the report. Especially the info on the wood stove with pictures. It sure made my job easier and feel more comfortable about insuring this cottage.” – Phil, Insurance Agent

“It was a pleasure to meet and do business with you. Finding someone who takes time to talk with a customer as a person is a treasure. You spoke with me, not at me. Thanks again for a great job and being a “real” person do deal with.” – Dave M.