A business with illogically high liability, slim profit margins, and limited economies of scale. An incredibly diverse, multi-disciplined consulting service delivered under difficult in-field circumstances, before a highly stressed, hostile audience with differing interests, in an impossibly short time frame, requiring the production of an extraordinarily detailed technical report almost instantly, without the benefit of research facilities or resources.
Alan Carson “The Definition of a Home Inspection”

a.k.a. McGyver and Septic Whisperer

Professionally trained through Carson Dunlop to inspect your future home from top to bottom: • Exterior • Roofing / Flashing / Chimneys • Foundation / Structure • Electrical • Plumbing (sewage system if needed) • Heating & Cooling Systems • Insulation • Property / Drainage / Site

I encourage you to join me on the visual inspection so that I can identify and explain any concerns, give you some energy tips as well as highlight the positive features of the dwelling.

My home inspections are a thorough unbiased assessment of the dwelling that meets or exceeds: The Standards of Practice of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI)

Your inspection will include a detailed report containing easy-to-read data that is collected on an iPhone.  Digital report delivered to your email the next morning.  A personal comprehensive report is fundamental to making the right buying decision.

You need to know as much as possible about your prospective purchase. Plus, by identifying existing or potential areas of concern, the inspection report will help secure your investment, avoid post-closing surprises, and provide you with peace of mind.  Hire me, a Certified Master Inspector with a proven record of over 18 years in the inspection industry.

Paul Studholme